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Maya and Travis planned for an amazing May 2nd, 2020 wedding. It was postponed until Labor Day. With Covid still a concern, most of their guests couldn't be physically present to share the moment. Maya asked Travis to make sure one thing could happen:
she wanted family and friends to be able to watch the wedding live on the web

Travis, having a background in computers, spent hours researching, purchasing and testing equipment and streaming services in order to make sure their wedding live stream was a success! It was as huge success and they now want to help all other couples navigate this complicated process with ease.


We broadcast your wedding live on the internet! Plain and simple. After you choose us, you will receive a personalize mylivewedding.com link which can be added to your wedding website. We use a high quality, HD content delivery system to make sure your wedding is available around the world, live. We give you the option to restrict access as well.

Your guests will be able to watch your wedding live from any device with a simple click.

We do all setup using our high-end audio and video equipment. This provides you with a complete, hassle free live wedding streamed online.
The equipment is wireless, mobile and inconspicuous providing your guests a real feeling of being there!

Step 1 - Think about a live broadcast wedding

The choice used to be expensive and unnecessary since you had everyone there. Now with covid, the joy you give to your family, friends and others who could not physically be there is heartwarming, inclusive and is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's faces during your big day! Create that special moment and decide to add a live stream option.

Step 2 - Contact us

We are here for you and 100% recognize the feeling of not having all your guests there. It sucks! We are open for a phone call, text or an email and will try to answer all your questions. We can help you decide if this is right for you and if not, no big deal.    get started here

Step 3 - Hire Us & Site Visit

Once you decide to hire us, we request a small deposit to reserve your day and time. We will immediately travel to your wedding location and test internet connectivity. If we are unable to receive a strong enough signal, we will inform you and refund your deposit. If we have a solid signal, we will continue and do a mock, fun and entertaining test live stream. During the test live stream you can easily view online and make recommendations on anything additional you would like us to focus on during your wedding! We keep it simple.

Step 4 - The Big Day

We arrive 1 hour before the ceremony. We work with your DJ to hook into audio and setup microphones to capture the sound. You focus on you. We focus on you! The live stream will start online 10-30 minutes before you walk down the aisle. Relax, enjoy and smile at the small camera broadcasting your special day in high definition online!

Let's get started on your wedding!

San Diego & Orange County, California

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